Product returns policy reforms

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Product returns policy reforms
Date Submitted: 05/12/2021 06:52 PM

In order to ensure your interests, improve the quality of after-sales service of Viet Nhat Plastic team to support you to change new products according to the following provisions:

The product has an inappropriate size and cannot be installed in the space.
You want to choose another product that is more suitable for your family.
The product does not match the picture, the quality is different from the description, the goods are defective, chipped or broken upon delivery, Viet Nhat Plastic will exchange the goods for you.

Returns are only accepted on the day of delivery, right after the customer receives and inspects the product.
Goods have not been used or used but have technical problems that cannot be overcome, goods that do not meet the quality criteria have been used but cannot be used (due to technical errors of the manufacturer) and have been repaired. check.
The delivered goods are not of the right type and model as you have ordered.
The customer pays the fees incurred in the following cases:

In case of changing products with different models and types due to your own wishes, the installation and dismantling costs incurred due to the change of other models or types will be paid by you additionally. Fees for each order from time to time.
Other costs incurred (if any): transportation, installation, dismantling, price difference of exchanged products ... the customer will bear the costs according to the Company's regulations
Note : For orders placed according to your own requirements in terms of design, size and material, if it is not a technical error of the manufacturer, we absolutely do not accept exchange or return goods.


Customers can directly contact Viet Nhat Plastic hotline for the Company to send technical staff to check the actual situation.
After having the "Product inspection slip" with the content of damaged goods due to technical errors that cannot be repaired, accepting the renewal, the exchange will be made in accordance with the regulations of the Company and the manufacturer. third (if any).
For any information or questions about the policy, you can contact the hotline: 0935.252.779


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